Air freshener refills: if you wish to recycle and reuse this unit, it is a good idea to purchase a refill before purchasing an entirely new air freshener. Discover the most appropriate replacements with the help of our selection of air freshener refills. These include Mikado refills, wardrobe models, sanitary gels, or multipurpose cleaners. With these refills, you can rest comfortable in the knowledge that the associated aromas will remain present for longer periods of time. You can also reduce your impact upon the environment thanks to these refills. Reduce, reuse and recycle! Mikado air freshener refills are essential for your home. Your options include essential oils, reeds, natural wood, and refills designed for wardrobes. If you happen to have a pet at home, you can neutralise foul odours with this Mikado odour absorber replacement kit. It will offer fresh and attractive smells for up to 4 weeks. Eliminate bad smells from your home! In terms of sanitary hand solutions, you can choose refills of 1 or 5 litres. This offers impressive savings without sacrificing quality. Thanks to these products and the materials employed, you can maintain clean hands that are free from viruses and bacteria. Ensure the safety of these products by following our guidelines.

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