Tropical Coconut

WITH 0% ALCOHOLTry the aroma of tropical coconut, our most exotic fragrance

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Tropical Coconut scent

Thanks to our coconut air freshener you'll travel from home to those heavenly beaches, its exotic tropical scent will fill every corner of your home.

Sun, beach, and sea breeze, these are the three elements that remind us of summer, and if there's something that these things have in common, that's tropical coconut, whether it's a refreshing drink or a healthy snack. Coconut has many properties that benefit our body, but what we like the most is its tropical scent. If summer is your favourite season and you want to feel close to those scents that remind us of that season, get our tropical coconut-scented air freshener.

As part of our product range, you can get the tropical coconut-scented mikado air freshener. This air freshener lasts more than 8 weeks and burns evenly from beginning to end thanks to its 0% alcohol formula, which facilitates an intense, lasting and more pleasant diffusion. We must highlight that all our air fresheners are made with natural essential oils.

This is why if you want a specific room in your home to have a warm and sweet scent that reminds you of sunsets, beach walks, and sea breeze, getting this tropical coconut-scented air freshener will make you experience again the feelings of freedom, and turn every room of your home into a warm and magical space.

Moreover, you can join our cause and become part of the change helping achieve a cleaner and more sustainable future. Once you've enjoyed your favourite air freshener, recycle the packaging or give it a second chance creating new spaces with it, you can turn the packaging of your mikado air freshener into a small flower vase or use it to store your make up, will you join us?

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