Fruits of the Forest

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Fruits of the Forest Scent

Get this pleasant and sweet aroma in your home with the Cristalinas fruits of the forest air freshener, it will flood your home with a fragrance that will give you energy to face the day.

The fruits of the forest are the best combination of fruits that nature gives us, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries... and what better combination to introduce as an air freshener, either for your home, office, car, wherever you want. Its sweet aroma will flood you with energy making you face the day to day from a more cheerful and optimistic point of view, sounds good right? For this reason is why in Cristalinas we have created different formats of air freshener so you can choose from a wide selection to accompany you with this pleasant aroma throughout the day. Among the different air fresheners are the following:

Reed diffuser Air Freshener: delicious wild aroma

The best ally for your home as it has a double function: it decorates and ambiences your home with your favourite scent. You can find it in different formats so that your air freshener will last for more than 8 weeks.

Reed Diffuser Chic&Love

Add a chic touch to your home with the mikado chic&love air fresheners by Cristalinas with a duration of more than 8 weeks.

Fruits of the Forest scented car Air Freshener

We love to get into the car and have a fresh smell, so wherever you place the Cristalinas car air freshener you will have that much desired aroma and you can also get a pack to distribute its fragrance even faster.

Sphere Reed Diffuser Air Freshener

With the sphere air freshener you can decorate and air the smallest rooms in your home. It lasts for more than 4 weeks and spreads its aroma in an intense way reaching any corner of the room.

Keep bad smells away with the air freshener spray

With spray air fresheners you can freshen up your home in a quick and easy way. We have several models available depending on the needs of your home.

Creative candle refill

Let your imagination run wild with the complete creative candle kit and design and build your own candle.

Fill every room with the best air fresheners for your home!

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