Chewing Gum

WITH 0% ALCOHOLRevolutionise your home with our chewing gum air fresheners.

Chewing Gum Scent

Discover our bubble gum air freshener. Revolutionise your home by creating a unique personality for every room. If you are one of those individuals who do not enjoy sweets but who loves sweet aromas, this is the ideal air freshener for your home. It enables you to create fun and stimulating environments.

Alongside all of our other products, you can this Mikado bubble gum air freshener for your bespoke needs. This air freshener can last for more than 8 weeks while providing your home with a long-lasting aroma that will not fade over time.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to create a characteristically sweet scent within a specific room should obtain this type of air freshener. Please note that all of our air fresheners utilise natural essential oils which contain 0% alcohol. This provides an intense and long-lasting aroma that is more agreeable upon the senses. Also, this aroma is comprised of natural essential oils which provide a sweet and powdery ambience with a hint of citrus.

Let's never forget that you can collaborate with us in order to achieve a more sustainable future by recycling our products once they have expired. And if you possess a more creative mindset or if you enjoy arts and crafts, you can give a second life to our Cristalinas products. These glass bottles can be reused to decorate your home, to use as planters or to organise your makeup.

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