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Reed Diffuser 40ml - Apple
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Our green apple air freshener will create a warm and refreshing ambience throughout your home. Only with the Cristalinas Apple Air Freshener! This apple aroma is sweet, warm and fresh; creating a healthy environment and a pleasant sensation wherever it is placed. The air fresheners provided by Cristalinas contain 0% alcohol and natural essential oils to offer an intense and long-lasting scent. Our apple aroma also helps to absorb bad odours! Quickly eliminate odours from clothing and throughout your home with this aromatic apple spray. This spray can be applied to any fabric and throughout the home; instantly neutralising odours created by tobacco, pets and rubbish. Funny friend pack: air freshener + candle + hand cream. Why not provide your friend with a gift? Free yourself from worries with our Cristalinas Funny Friends pack. This kit includes a Mikado air freshener, an apple-scented candle and a garden-scented peony hand cream. Decorate your room with this wide range of spherical Mikado air fresheners which offer a series of hand-selected Mediterranean scent such as an apple aroma refill. Don't miss the opportunity to provide your home with a fragrance that can last more than 60 days thanks to automatic refills. Discover our new range of original Mikado air fresheners such as this aromatic apple scent. Note that these air fresheners can last for more than 8 weeks. Decorate your home with these Feel Good candles made from all-natural vegetable wax. We have been providing this fresh apple scent for more than 35 years. Car air fresheners: This delicious and fruity scent will accompany you on every journey and the freshener can be placed wherever you desire thanks to its multi-purposed design. The Mikado apple scented air freshener. Discover your best friend at home thanks to a fragrance that can last for more than 8 weeks.

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