Strawberry and Cream

Strawberries and Cream scent Get this wonderful scent in your home with the strawberries and cream candle, made with vegetable wax and refreshing thanks to its creamy notes. If you're the kind of person who loves sweets and wants a sweet aroma to fill your rooms, at Cristalinas we've had you in mind when creating scented candles with natural essential oils as sweet as cream. With Cristalinas scented candles you can create unique spaces, whether it is to set the tone of a room for an extended period of time or to decorate and create the ambiance for a romantic evening, like on Valentine's Day. Discover our new reusable candles, made with vegetable wax and with a strawberries and cream scent, an original and fun collection. With Cristalinas scented candles, you can enjoy the wonderful aroma of strawberries and cream for more than 35 hours. Moreover, all our scented candles are made with vegetable wax so that they burn evenly from beginning to end, and with vegetable essential oils so the intense scent fills an entire room for a long time.   At Cristalinas we always think and act in a way that improves and helps the environment, which is why we create reusable products and we encourage you to join the cause. Once the candle burns out, you can reuse the packaging to store and organise objects, to store spices, or whatever you want! Thanks to their design, now they're more decorative than ever before, and you can keep them to use them in new ways in the different rooms of your house, so they become part of your everyday life. What matters is giving them a second chance and being part of the change.

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