Wild Flower and Bergamot

Water Flower and Bergamot Aroma. This unique and unforgettable scent will inundate your home with a citrus fragrance. It is a well-known fact that citrus plants possess properties that will promote relaxation and help to mitigate the effects of stress. This is the reason why Cristalinas has created a host of Mikados air fresheners which are associated with colour therapy. In terms of the Mikado air freshener offering water flower and bergamot aromas, the scents themselves have been naturally extracted from the skin of the bergamot fruit. This offers an agreeable and yet intense aroma. We have also employed natural bergamot essence that helps to strengthen and harmonise the additional ingredients within this formula. Thanks to the colour therapy offered by Mikado water flower and bergamot air fresheners, you will enjoy many benefits. These include stress reduction, an improved mood and an overall feeling of tranquillity. Mikado air fresheners. Discover a delicate and sweet aroma. If you wish to experience the unique combination of bergamot and water flower, be sure to purchase this Mikado air freshener. Its aroma can last for up to 12 weeks.   This formula contains 0% alcohol. It can therefore provide an intense and permeating aroma without any irritating side effects. The intensity of this scent will remain the same from when it is first opened until the very last day. Place this water flower and bergamot air freshener wherever you desire. Thanks to the inclusion of natural bergamot essential oils, there is no doubt that your perceived levels of stress will be reduced. Let's also remember that this verdant aroma offers a citrus component that compliments the scents of rose and jasmine with a hint of bergamot. Take your mood to the next level with this water flower and bergamot scent offered by Cristalinas! You can also adopt a more environmentally friendly approach by reusing these decorative air fresheners. Indulge your imagination and adorn each room with a personalised touch. Join Cristalinas in our goal to achieve an environmentally friendly approach.

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