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Cristalinas scented candles. Ideal to compliment the existing lighting within your home

These candles are imbued with essential oils and are made from vegetable wax as opposed to paraffin. Candles have always possessed the ability to bring a hypnotic sense of warmth to any home thanks to their subtly entrancing flames. These features allow the Cristalinas line to offer a cleaner rate of combustion; allowing you to breathe freely while optimising the length of time that the candles will burn. For example, our line of Gelato candles can burn for up to 25 hours. Our Feel-Good fragrances will remain lit for up to 35 hours.

The selection of Christmas candles can offer up to 50 hours of incandescence. You can choose a variety of fragrances depending upon the occasion and your unique desires. Our selection of anti-smoking fragrances include vanilla, biscuit, strawberry cream, cherry, orchid, or even hints of orange and mango. All of these models are reusable, so you can take advantage of their unique design once the candles themselves are no longer present. We offer 2 styles. One is equipped with a tin lid while the other boasts a ceramic top with a cork plug. We also provide 2 packaging options in relation to our Christmas candles. One is equipped with reusable glass and the other offers a ceramic-and-cork cover.

Similar to all of our products, these candles are manufactured from natural essential oils. This type of manufacturing respects the environment due to the fact that the candles produce much less smoke. The scented candles offered by Cristalinas are ideal for numerous situations. They can be used within living rooms bedrooms, bathrooms, and even outside of the home. The practical nature of this air freshener makes it easy to transport candles and other accessories. Choose your favourite scented candle now. When you discover its aromas, you will want to light a candle in every room. Enjoy our scented candles throughout the year. They are ideally suited to provide your with warmth on a cold winter night as they are if you hope to fully embrace the warmth of the summer. Choose these aromatic candles to create a fresh and pleasant aroma. Enjoy them anytime, they will be with you for many hours and will leave a pleasant scent on each of your relaxing moments.

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