Cookies and Cream

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Cookies and Cream Scent

For those with a sweet tooth! Cookie and cream scented candles will fill your home with a sweet and delicious aroma. Who can resist the aroma of cookies when walking into a bakery?

During our childhood, we've all enjoyed delicious afternoon snacks at our parents or grandparents' home, like homemade cookies. Our brain tends to remember scents, and those scents allow us to connect an aroma to our memories. This is why certain scents immediately take us back to our best memories.

Cookie and Cream scented candles, delicious!

At Cristalinas we want to reminisce these very special feelings and moments with our scents. With the cookies and cream scent, we want to take you back to your parents or grandparents' kitchen. This is an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful aroma with feel-good fragrance candles, which will fill the entire room with this delicious scent.

In order to offer you the best quality, we've made our candles with vegetable wax, which burn evenly. Moreover, we use natural essential oils to enhance the scent.

One of our goals is to minimise our environmental impact, which is why all our products are recyclable and reusable, so that you can give a second chance to your Cristalinas product. Let your imagination run free and reuse the wonderful packaging of your cookies and cream scented candle. To give you a little help, we're offering you some ideas on how to reuse the packaging so you can give it a second chance, whether it is to organise rooms or to keep small objects like keys in one place.

Enjoy the best aromas with Cristalinas!

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