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Wardrobe air fresheners. Providing all of your clothing with a pleasant aroma.

This air freshener is the best option if you hope to avoid foul odours such as those associated with enclosed spaces such as wardrobes and shoe racks.

Thanks to this design, you can avoid foul odours that are often resulting from clothes remaining hung within a closet for long periods of time. As this type of air freshener has a limited duration, it is wise to ensure that the aroma is lever lost. However, the closet air fresheners offered by Cristalinas are designed with a porous ceramic material. This ensures high rates of absorption while allowing the scent itself to disseminate throughout your wardrobe. These air fresheners are guaranteed to provide pleasant scents for a minimum of 4 months; doubling the amount of time that you can enjoy fresh smells when compared to other brands.

Forget about the foul odours in your closet due to high levels of humidity or poor circulation. At Cristalinas, we are committed to guaranteeing that your air freshener will provide pleasant aromas for up to 12 weeks. Unique fragrances such as our clean scent, Marseille soap, lavender and baby aromas will enable your clothes to smell as if they were recently washed. Once the initial fragrance has been exhausted, you can purchase refills in order to ensure that your wardrobe smells fresh throughout the year.

Ensure that your clothes are stored with the most agreeable aromas. Don't forget to place this Cristalinas air freshener within your wardrobe. Thanks to its unique mini shirt shape, you can enjoy tempting scents every time you open your closet.

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