Orange Blossom and Honey

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Reed Diffuser 40ml - Orange Blossom and Honey
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Orange Blossom & Honey. You will be unable to resist the selection of these mandarin and jasmine fragrances; providing your home with floral and spring flavours. Without a doubt, citrus is one of the aromas which will transport you back to the summer months and holidays that are yet to com. Although summer holidays cannot last forever, our line of orange blossom and mandarin air fresheners will evoke memories of those magical evenings. Thanks to our wide range of air fresheners, you will always be able to find that special aroma in order to enjoy countless memories. These include orange blossom and mandarin. Thanks to the Mikado design, these aromas are able to reach any corner of the room while transporting you to a magical walk amongst citrus trees. Break the mould with these Mikado spherical air fresheners; offering you the ability to create new environments with the help of orange blossom and mandarin. Another option to create aromas of tangerine and orange blossom can be seen in the Mikado natural wood set. This range provides a more organic atmosphere while transporting you back to summer nights. The water-soluble essences of orange blossom and mandarin prevent wax from accumulating within the interior filter. Also, this scent of orange blossom and mandarin offers several unique properties. Orange blossom scents can help to reduce anxiety and to quell feelings of stress. Additionally, citrus mandarin aromas will lower stress while enabling users to fall asleep fast. We can now see why this is one of our most popular combinations. This 0% alcohol formula offers a pleasantly intense smell. It can last between 4 and 12 weeks (depending upon the model) and the intensity will not fade during this time.

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