WITH 0% ALCOHOLthe delicate scent of Magnolia promotes a sense of tranquillity

Magnolia Scent

Enjoy a subtle touch of vanilla with these magnolia scented air fresheners. Reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you enjoy flowers and the marvelous scents they produce when in bloom, you are already aware that magnolia offers a sweet, subtle and delicate bouquet with a great deal of personality. There are approximately 120 different species of magnolia. They are primarily found in North America, Central America, South America and Southeast Asia. Therefore, the ancient Chinese associated magnolias with fertility due to the sweetness of this flower. In order to enable your home to emit this scent as soon as you enter, we place these magnolia scented air fresheners at your fingertips. You will love what is in store!

The premium spherical reed diffuser air freshener

Enjoy an elegant combination of fresh citrus aromas. Not only will this premium spherical reed diffuser air freshener supply any room with a fresh scent, but it provides a decorative touch.

Do not hesitate to equip even the largest rooms with one of these units thanks to our wide range of air fresheners that offer a plethora of Mediterranean scents. Choose the most appropriate design for your needs. You can select between air fresheners that last for more than 4 weeks to other models which provide fresh scents for more than 16 weeks. Place these air fresheners within rooms where you spend the most time. Imbue these areas with sensations of romance, tranquillity, freshness, and relaxation.

Cristalinas Air Fresheners

All of these Cristalinas air fresheners are manufactured in Spain. They utilise natural essential oils and they contain 0% alcohol in order to ensure an intense and long-lasting aroma. It is also wise to take into account the environment. All of our products are made from 100% recycled materials so you can always give them a second life.

Thanks to Cristalinas, you can find the ideal scent for your home. This is also why we offer a wide array of aromas such as forest fruits and clean-air scents. Discover them and improve the ambience of your home with Cristalinas!

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