WITH 0% ALCOHOLcreate an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity with the scent of lavender

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Reed Diffuser 40ml

Lavender Scent

This lavender aroma has been designed to provide sensations of peace and tranquillity. Feel the first-hand effects of lavender aromatherapy within your home, sit back and relax.

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit the wonderful fields when the lavender is in full bloom, you also appreciate the mesmerising aroma that these plants provide. They are true spectacles for the visual and olfactory senses. Of course, Cristalinas places this aroma at your fingertips thanks to our line of reed diffuser air fresheners. These lavender-scented closet air fresheners will supply your home with a fresh and relaxing ambience.

Feel close to lavender fields with the help of the reed diffuser classic range of air fresheners

Spread this scent throughout areas such as living rooms in order to create a sensation of peace and harmony. Enjoy this aroma for up to 16 weeks and embrace these scents from the first day until the very last without experiencing a decrease in intensity.

The reed diffuser wooden cube air freshener

Adorn your home with this attractive design while incorporating the fresh and relaxing scent of lavender.

The reed diffuser wooden cube air freshener replacement. Don't miss out on your favourite aroma!

Before your current air freshener runs out, make it a point to purchase a refill in order to enjoy this aroma for even longer. This air freshener is also ideal for longer stays thanks to its ability to last for more than 16 weeks while exhibiting the same levels of aromatic intensity.

The lavender aroma pack. Air fresheners + candles + hand cream

Enjoy the amazing lavender aroma of these air fresheners and combine this scent with our aromatic orchid candles alongside the peony garden hand cream that is included. You can place these air fresheners wherever you wish throughout your home in order to experience a uniform aroma.

Be sure to enjoy this and the numerous other Cristalinas aromas thanks to long-lasting formulas which contain 0% alcohol. Choose your favourite aroma with Cristalinas!

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