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Garden Air Freshener

For those who love the smell of freshly cut grass, this air freshener represents the ideal solution. It also helps to eliminate foul odours cause by pets.

Cristalinas has created this garden-scented air freshener, as we love spending time with family, friends and pets in the garden. As we cannot always be within such a natural environment, we want to provide you with the associated memories. Enjoy your favourite garden aromas while absorbing bad scents with the help of this unique Mikado air freshener. This air freshener has also been specifically designed to neutralise foul odours throughout the home.

Mikado air fresheners absorb pet owners thanks to this garden scent

We have also created unique designs so that you can simultaneously decorate your home in style. Expect nothing less than the best with Cristalinas air fresheners. This Mikado air freshener provides a verdant green scent throughout your home which is reminiscent of green garden leaves. Enjoy your home to the fullest thanks to this formulation which absorbs pet odours.

Also, this air freshener is available in several different formats so that it can be placed in rooms of various sizes. Depending upon the format that you choose, these scents can last for anywhere between 4 weeks and more than 16 weeks. Regardless of what design you prefer, your home will boast a clean and fresh scent.

Mikado air freshener refills absorb foul odours. Feel as if you are in your own private garden!

If you have already enjoyed this amazing air freshener and wish to repeat the experience, be sure to purchase Mikado air freshener refills. These units absorb odours while helping to protect the environment. In the event that these units have been exhausted, give them a second life by using them as decorations or even as vases for your floral arrangements.

If you are still unsure what air freshener to choose, keep in mind that Cristalinas only employs formulations which contain 0% alcohol. These natural essential, oils offer an intense and long-lasting aroma that is pleasant to breathe. Find the ideal air freshener with the help of our website!

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