Cinnamon sticks

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Reed Diffuser 40ml - Cinnamon sticks
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The Canelita Branch cinnamon air freshener: providing every room of your home with a sweet, spicy and intense aroma. Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices in baking and cooking. If you fall in love with this amazing scent, you can also choose a cinnamon stick air freshener thanks to the Mikado classic range. Also, the scent of cinnamon evokes feelings of emotional fulfilment, enhances the sense and dispels fear. Cristalinas cares about the environment. This is why we ask you to join us when recycling or reusing the containers that we provide to decorate your home. Let's also keep in mind that our products are made in Spain and they contain 0% alcohol. Thus, the associated aromas can be evenly distributed throughout every room of your home. Another point to mention is that these air fresheners are produced from natural essential oils. this results in a more pleasant aroma without sacrificing intensity.

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