Cinnamon sticks

WITH 0% ALCOHOLCinnamon sticks, an intense, sweet and spicy aroma

Cinnamon Air Fresheners: Cinnamon sticks

The cinnamon stick air freshener is the best air freshener for your home as its fragrance will spread through every corner of the room leaving an intense, sweet and spicy aroma.

Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices in cooking and baking. If you love its flavour as much as the aroma it gives off, you can get the cinnamon stick air freshener with the classic range of mikado air fresheners. In addition, in aromatherapy, the aroma of cinnamon evokes abundance, invigorates the senses and dispels fears.

In Cristalinas we actively collaborate with the environment and that is why we want you to join us and recycle or reuse the containers to decorate your home. On the other hand, our products are made in Spain and have our 0% alcohol formula allowing the aroma to spread throughout the room in an intense and lasting way. We would also like to point out that all our air fresheners are made with natural essential oils, which makes them more pleasant to breathe and gives them a more intense fragrance.

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