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Christmas Spice Scent

What's the scent of Christmas? At Cristalinas we've found it, set the tone of your home with Christmas-scented candles and air fresheners and feel the joy and excitement of this special occasion, every day.

Scents have a powerful effect on our mood and it's been proven that our memories are perfectly linked to aromas. What's more, sometimes we remember a specific memory thanks to a distinctive scent. And who can remember the wonderful scent of our homes at Christmas time? Well then, just so that every corner of your home awakens that Christmas feeling that begins in December, at Cristalinas we offer you a wide range of products so you can start decorating and setting the tone of your home with the trademark scent of Christmas.

Reed Diffuser Air Freshener, it doesn't get any more Christmassy!

Experience again magic moments and decorate your home with our Christmas-scented reed diffuser air fresheners. Combine it with the spruce-scented air freshener and quickly awaken your Christmas spirit.

Scented Candle: enjoy your home at Christmas

Decorate your table with the Christmas-scented candles to create a more Christmassy atmosphere. Enjoy Christmas dinners with an inviting and extra Christmassy touch.

Car Air Freshener, Christmas in every trip!

We join you in every trip with the best possible company, the most distinctive and memorable scent. Remember that you can place this air freshener in the position you prefer, as it can be used in multiple ways.

Christmas Scent Pack

If you truly love Christmas as much as we do, we have the perfect pack for you. In this pack you'll find our best selection of air fresheners and Christmas candles.

We've created all our products with our 0% alcohol formula and with natural essential oils for a more intense and lasting effect so you can enjoy these Christmassy scents for longer. At Cristalinas, our biggest wish of becoming part of that special time of the year and that's why we offer our most Christmassy selection of mikados and candles.

Experience Christmas like never before!

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