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Reed Diffuser 40ml - Fluffy Towels
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Clean Scent: We all enjoy clean aromas throughout the home. Be sure to achieve this sensation thanks to our scented air fresheners. Maintain a pleasant and fresh fragrance throughout every room of your home. There is nothing better than arriving home only to be inundated with a clean and fresh aroma. While ideally suited for the home, let's also keep in mint that the multi-purpose of our air fresheners signifies that they can also be used within vehicles. Amongst the choices available, you can choose from those intended for cars, designs for wardrobes and those which are intended to absorb bad odours. In order to ensure that you never run out of your favourite aromas while reducing your impact upon the environment, Cristalinas offers a wide variety of spare accessories. Experience this clean scent thanks to a formulation that contains 0% alcohol; ensuring an even and intense scent at all times. Accentuate feelings of cleanliness and freshness with this line of air fresheners. You can choose from formats such as: home air fresheners and car air fresheners. Place these wherever you desire; even atop an air conditioning grille. Keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean with the help of these closet air fresheners exclusively offered by Cristalinas. This design is based upon the use of porous ceramic materials which utilise a process known as capillary action to release the aroma to the outside environment. Our line of spray air fresheners are able to quickly transform the ambience of any room. You can therefore enjoy intense, pleasant and long-lasting scents. All of the air fresheners offered by Cristalinas will last a minimum of 8 weeks and in some cases, more than 12 weeks. This depends upon the size and design of the container that you select. When this aroma is exhausted, it can be replaced with a refill. In terms of the bottle itself, it may be employed as a decorative element within your home or even as an organiser for makeup accessories.

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