Peony garden

WITH ALOE VERA AND CENTELLA ASIATICA EXTRACTfeel your hands moisturised with Cristalinas peony hand cream

Peony-scented Hand Cream

With Cristalinas peony cream, feel you hands deeply hydrated and nourished, thanks to its creamy formula that makes it easy to use and non-sticky.

Peonies arrived in Europe towards the end of the 18th century, and they're not only known for their impressive petal display, but also for their distinctive scent. Peonies give off an intense scent matched by their beauty, whether they are in your garden, balcony, or patio. This is why they're widely used to decorate gardens and bridal bouquets.

Generally speaking, these flowers can be found in open spaces or inside homes, but we don't carry them on the street, which means we can't enjoy their scent all day. This is why at Cristalinas we have created a hand cream with the scent of garden peonies, so you can enjoy their pleasant aroma all day long and get optimal hydration for your hands.

Garden Peony-scented hand cream

As we've mentioned, you can enjoy this wonderful scent all day long thanks to the garden peony-scented hand cream, a hand serum that comes in the ideal size to keep in your handbag and to use it on a daily basis.

Among the properties of its ingredients is centella asiatica, aloe vera, chamomile extract, apricot kernel oil and vitamin E, all these ingredients are ideal to regenerate and heal tissues.

Moreover, you can enjoy this wonderful scent in our packs, which include mikado air fresheners in different sizes and scented candles so you can combine your garden peony-scented hand cream with other aromas from the various mikado air fresheners that come in the pack. Enjoy the best scents with Cristalinas!

We fill your home, shop or office with the best scents. 0% alcohol and natural essential oils for stronger intensity and a better scent diffusion.

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