Marseille Soap

WITH 0% ALCOHOLFeel the scent of Marseille Soap in your wardrobe every day

Marseille Soap scent

Marseille Soap, comes straight from beautiful France to offer you Cristalinas Marseille Soap air freshener. Feel a clean and fresh scent in your wardrobe every day.

It's not always easy to keep a pleasant aroma in closed spaces, but Cristalinas helps you keep spaces like wardrobes pleasantly scented, and there's nothing that gives off a cleaner aroma than Marseille soap. This is why one of our favourite air fresheners for closed spaces is the Marseille soap-scented wardrobe air freshener.

Marseille soap-scented wardrobe air freshener, enjoy a fresh aroma!

All our air wardrobe fresheners rely on a high-suction capacity porous ceramics that diffuse the scent they carry within. Thanks to the products used to create it, you can discover the pleasure of opening a wardrobe and taking a breath of an aroma as pleasant as Marseille soap scent.

These air fresheners last for more than 12 weeks and thanks to their 0% alcohol-formula and natural essential oils you'll enjoy a lasting and more intense scent. Moreover, and to ensure you can continue enjoying this scent and you contribute to our work minimising environmental impact, you can get refills for Marseille soap-scented wardrobe air fresheners.

At Cristalinas you can find the best air fresheners to fill any room with scent, whether it's your shop, your home, or your office. We carry air fresheners in a wide range of scents and sizes both for large and small rooms. Choose the size that better suits your needs and enjoy the best scents, those that take you back to your favourite places and those that bring your stress down.

With Cristalinas air fresheners, you can set the tone of every room with a different scent to give the space its own personality, and if you have a favourite scent, we've created packs with a mix of sizes so you can enjoy your favourite aroma wherever you are.

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