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Red Berries Scent

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with our line of red berries air fresheners and red berries scented candles. Allow yourself to be surprised by this delicious fragrance.

This red berries scent offers a warm and sweet aroma that will inundate your senses with essences of natural forests, helping to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable and secure. Our red berries air fresheners and candles evoke memories which transport us to the countryside in the blink of an eye; particularly those areas where fruity shrubs are adorned with these delicious fruits.

Wooden cube air fresheners

Decorate your home with an aroma of red berries that will make you feel closer to where these berries are found in their natural surroundings. This design will bring a unique personality into every room. Purchase yours today!

Air freshener refills: helping the environment

We take care of the natural world by offering spare accessories for all of our Mikado wooden cube air fresheners. Include two refills to enjoy more than 4 weeks of longevity; enabling to enjoy your favourite aroma for a longer period of time.

Aromatic sleeved candles

Enjoy the aroma of this candle for more than 30 hours. Thanks to this unique design, this candle can be placed wherever you desire, providing every room of your home with a distinct personality. This concentrated perfume formula will allow you to enjoy an extremely intense aroma.

This kit effectively absorbs and eliminates bad odours

This patented formula works to neutralise a specific odour-related molecule (2-nonanone) to provide a fresh and clean environment.

Discover and enjoy the wide variety of designs and aromas available through Cristalinas and create a special ambience within your home. You can choose the format which best suits your needs as well as the sizes of specific rooms with the help of our catalogue. Therefore, if you wish to eliminate foul odours, choose our air fresheners. These air fresheners quickly absorb such aromas.

Provide your home with only the best air fresheners!

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