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Aroma of Fresh Cologne: our most tender fragrance

Create a tender and familiar atmosphere with our collection of fresh cologne air fresheners.

These aromas will quickly take us back to our childhood; offering a tender and innocent scent which reminds us of simpler days. This clean and fresh aroma will permeate any room within your home.

Cristalinas offers a wide range of fresh cologne scented air fresheners:

Fresh Cologne scented reed diffuser air freshener

Relive the most tender moments of your childhood with these products. A clean, fresh and tender aroma that is ideally suited for smaller spaces throughout your home. This aroma offers a clean bergamot scent. It also provides a fresh citric odour while creating a musky aromatic background.

Once your mikado container is empty, you can collaborate with us in order to give it a second life.

Natural wood reed diffuser with children's scent

This natural wood range of air fresheners is the perfect way to imbue the room of your child with feelings of warmth, love and tenderness.

Ambientador de coche con olor a colonia de bebé

With this car air freshener equipped with a baby cologne scent, you can enjoy a welcoming aroma during any journey.

The air freshener for your baby's wardrobe

Whether you imagine the closet of your child or you envision memories of your youth, there is no doubt that this baby scent with a touch of orange blossom will leave a lasting impression.

The air freshener spray of your childhood

This air freshener which provides memories of your childhood is also equipped with refills for your home. Fill every corner of your home with this fresh cologne aroma!

Water-soluble essences with Fresh Cologne scent

Water-soluble essences enable this fresh cologne scent to be quickly dissolved in water. It can also be placed upon dried flowers, within humidifiers or even atop space heaters. The best feature of this design is that grease will not accumulate within the humidifier filter.

You can also choose several different formats depending upon the discrete needs throughout your home. We should also note that these fragrances off a 0% alcohol formula. This provides a long-lasting diffusion and depending upon the model in question, the aromas themselves can last for up to 12 weeks. And if you happen to decide upon a spray, the scent will last for 60 days or more.

If you love baby scents, there is no need to worry! Cristalinas always provides you with refills, so there is no need to worry. Do not miss out on this unique childhood experience. Choose Cristalina for your aromatic needs.

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