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The best car air fresheners for every journey

The car air fresheners supplied by Cristalinas are the ideal solution to provide your vehicle with a bespoke aroma while simultaneously helping to eliminate foul scents. Ir car air fresheners have been designed to be hung from your rear-view mirror. However, this is not the only way to use Cristalinas car air fresheners. They can also be connected to an air conditioning grille thanks to an additional clip which we provide within the kit itself. This wooden plug works by diffusing the aroma when it comes into contact with the liquid. This car air freshener offered by Cristalinas contains more than 70% concentrated perfume and 0% alcohol. This increases its duration while providing an intense and yet agreeable aroma; reducing the evaporation that would otherwise limit its effects.

Odour-absorbing car air fresheners

These offer a technology which simultaneously provides pleasing aromas while eliminating any foul odours that may also be present. Examples include tobacco, food and similar items associated with long road trips. This innovative technology helps to trap molecules associated with bad smells while enabling pleasant smells to permeate the environment. For this reason, you can enjoy 2 effects in 1: eliminating bad odours while providing the interior of your vehicle with pleasant and long-lasting aromas.

How do our car air fresheners work?

Our fruit-scented car air fresheners are the result of 3 years of design and research. We have managed to develop a host of unique characteristics which offer an entirely unique experience:

  1. One example can be see in an anti-drip system which ensures that the wood does not become overly saturated and inundating the vehicle extremely intense aromas.
  2. The system is likewise equipped with a design that prevents the unit from being unscrewed due to excessive vibrations. Please note that during installation, the top of the bottle must be completely unscrewed in order to remove the cap. Once removed, the cap should then be completely screwed in. This anti-loosening system prevents the threads from becoming deformed; thus ensuring that the cap remains in place and that it cannot be opened. This ensures safety while providing a pleasant aroma. So, be certain that the cap is securely fastened for smooth operation.
  3. We have placed a great deal of effort in order to ensure the rigid design of this container. This helps to eliminate movements caused by driving and therefore, the chances of it becoming loose are drastically reduced. The wick has been directly inserted into the aroma-diffusing wood. However, it is also protected against become overly dry due to evaporation.
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