Night Blooming Jasmine

WITH 0% ALCOHOLFeel the delicacy and freshness of our Night Blooming Jasmine scent

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Night Blooming Jasmine Scent

Is undoubtedly one of our most popular fragrances. This bespoke air freshener will add a unique ambience to your home thanks to its fresh and delicate essence.

Did you know that the Night Blooming Jasmine aroma received its name thanks to flowers that only give off persuasive aromas in the evening? Close your eyes and breathe in slowly. What do you feel? Thanks to Cristalinas, our Night Blooming Jasmine aroma transports us back to summer evenings defined by a plethora of different emotional states. This all-natural fragrance offers up a warm and cosy sensation; ideal during any trip away from your home.

Cristalinas has created different Lady of the Night designs so that you can even enjoy this aroma within your vehicle. Choose the best Night Blooming Jasmine air freshener which suits your personal tastes.

Night Blooming Jasmine reed diffuser

These classic air fresheners are offered in several sizes; enabling between 8 and 16 weeks of enjoyment.

Captivate your senses with this sphere reed diffuser air freshener

Adorn even the smallest of rooms with a unique style and a scent that can last for up to 12 weeks.

Natural wood reed diffuser

The natural wood range of air fresheners boast the perfect combination of style and class for your home; the associated scents lasting for up to 12 weeks.

Our line of floral scent car air fresheners

Will accompany you throughout every journey. You can enjoy a personalised touch due to the fact that they can be hung on a rear-view mirror or placed upon an air conditioning grille.

This air freshener spray neutralised odours

While providing every room with a clean and fresh scent.

Night Blooming Jasmine reed refills

Prolong the scent with our Night Blooming Jasmine reed refills while simultaneously protecting the natural environment.

Find what you have been looking for thanks to the Cristalinas line of scents created with natural oils and 0% alcohol. Enjoy an intense and long-lasting aroma.

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