Scented flower: the best alternative to scent and decorate your home

The best alternative to set the ambience and decorate any room in your home thanks to its timeless design and uniform diffusion. With this innovative format you can enjoy your favourite fragrance for more than 4 weeks. We have different fragrances so you can place the scented flower air freshener in any corner of your home.

How does the scented flower air freshener work?

Its operation is similar to that of the mikado air fresheners as they have reeds that must be inserted into the bottle with the chosen fragrance. For this reason, this new air freshener has a container containing the perfume and a flower, which, like the mikado reeds, absorbs the aroma.

To find out if the decorative flower has been well introduced in the container, you will have to observe the colour of the flower. Depending on the scent you choose, the flower will change from white to the colour of the chosen fragrance. For example, the lady of the night scented flower air freshener will turn green once it absorbs the perfume. Once you have placed the flower in the bottle, you will have to wait a total of 48 hours for the flower to absorb the full intensity of the fragrance. Once it has absorbed all of its essence, it will continue to provide atmosphere for a longer period of time. In addition, due to its 0% alcohol formula, the scent is more pleasant to breathe, it lasts longer and allows an intense diffusion. Without a doubt, this type of air freshener is one of the best options for air freshening and decorating your home.

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