WITH 0% ALCOHOLour geranium scented air fresheners will delight your senses

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Geranium Scent

You will not be able to resist the geranium aromas that this air freshener provides. Its soft bouquet stimulates your senses while offering up a unique visual design.

Witnessing this flower bloom i a true spectacle; particularly when referring to the aroma that is emitted. This type of plant is found outdoors in areas such as terraces, balconies and gardens. If you wish your home to exhibit such an aroma, you will be pleased with the geranium scents offered by our Cristalinas air fresheners. These units can be placed wherever you wish.

Reed diffuser air freshener in sphere

However, they also add a visual touch thanks to their unique designs. This allows you to imbue any room with a standalone ambience thanks to geranium scents. Please note that such qualities serve to define all of our air fresheners. We also offer these designs in various sizes and formats so that you can accommodate the needs of individual rooms.

Geranium air fresheners

Everyone is familiar with Cordovan patios and if you have not had the opportunity to experience such masterpieces, we encourage you to do so. Enjoy the unique ambience of these patios, their hanging wall plants and their unique kaleidoscope of colours and scents. Allow this aroma to inundate every room while bringing balance to your body and mind.

At Cristalinas, we believe that every room within your home has a unique personality. This is why choosing a specific aroma will provide an entirely different ambience. Our collection of Mediterranean scents are uniquely subtle and each offers its very own personality; ideal when used throughout your home.

You can enjoy Cristalinas air fresheners due to the fact that they contain 0% alcohol. Smaller units can last for more than 4 weeks while larger designs will provide well over 16 weeks of aromatic bliss. They are likewise formulated to use natural essential oils which permit a smooth and even airborn diffusion that is pleasant to breathe.

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