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WITH 0% ALCOHOLFresh Pine Tree aroma: the scent of Christmas in your home

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Fresh Pine Tree scent: Christmas scents in your home

Feel the scents of Christmas with the fresh pine tree scented air fresheners and experience every day the happiest and most family-oriented time of the year, in your home.

If you love nature and want to feel close to it even if you're far, you can enjoy countryside scents with the various fresh pine tree scented air fresheners. This scent takes us back to one of the most family-oriented and Christmassy times, with this collection you can delight your guests and yourself with a wonderful Christmas scent in all its versions. Moreover, you can choose between air fresheners, scented candles, reed diffusers and car air fresheners.

A must-have for this very special occasion is having our home filled with a scent that makes us feel more Christmassy, like the scent of fresh pine tree. Some of the different options you can choose from include a Christmas collection reed diffuser air freshener, a Christmas collection car air freshener, a Christmas collection scented candle and our favourite pack for this special occasion, our pine tree scented reed diffuser and candle pack.

Our 0% alcohol formula gives off a more intense pine tree scent, which is pleasant to breathe and lasting from 4 to 8 weeks with the same intensity.

We love experiencing Christmas intensely, and what we fancy the most is having a scent that takes us back to those special moments experienced during this time of the year. This is why in our catalogue you'll find a range of products with this distinctive scent.

Fresh Pine Tree scented car air freshener

You can place the fresh pine tree scented car air freshener pack in the air conditioner vent or wherever you prefer, as it can be used in multiple ways.

Fresh Pine Tree scented aromatic candle

Enjoy the most special days of the winter surrounded by your family and with scents that remind you of Christmas and give off a pleasant fresh pine tree aroma. We also carry mikado and scented candle packs for an even stronger scent.

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