Fresh Cut Grass

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Freshly Cut Grass Scent

This Cristalinas air freshener is ideal for those who love to make the most out of life. It has finally arrived at Cristalinas and let yourself be surprised by what is in store.

One of the scents which signal that spring and warm weather have arrived is the aroma of freshly cut herbs. This summer-like aroma provides us with happiness and comfort, as the days are longer and more inviting. This is one of the reasons why Cristalinas is constantly searching for quality scents which positively enhance our moods and make us happy.

This scent will take you to a different place while reminding you that pleasant weather is on its way. You can now enjoy such sensations thanks to this line of spherical Mikado air fresheners that offer the aroma of freshly cut grass in numerous formats. Therefore, it is easy to accommodate both small and large rooms. You can also select from air fresheners that are capable of lasting from between 4 to well over 16 weeks.

Mikado air fresheners offering the smell of freshly cut grass

The best air fresheners are those which serve multiple purposes. Therefore, Cristalinas have created dual-purpose fresheners to provide them with a second life once the aromas have dissipated. With Mikado air fresheners, you have the option to decorate and improve the ambience of your entire home wherever they may be present. They can also be reused as decorative containers to contain flowers or indeed, to provide a unique touch to any room.

It should likewise be noted that Cristalinas air fresheners contain 0% alcohol. This offers a more intense and long-lasting aroma. They are also formulated with natural essential oils; reinforcing the scent of freshly cut grass. These air fresheners can be combined throughout the rooms of your home or office. It is therefore easy to create entirely unique environments. Discover the best aromas which Cristalinas has to offer in order to transform the ambience of your home!

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