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Vanilla Aroma

This is the classic vanilla scent that you have grown to love. Discover our selection of this fragrance and choose between vanilla air fresheners or vanilla candles. Fill your home with this sweet and pleasant aroma.

Vanilla is one of the most recognisable scents and it will improve the ambience of your home regardless of where it is placed. Everyone recognises the sweet scent of vanilla. It often reminds us of other experiences such as certain foods, ice cream, smoothies and similarly tempting treats.

These types of aromas provide a warm and relaxed taste. This aroma affords a fresh and spicy flavour. It also adds a unique touch of fruits and coconut; leaving an aroma which is know for a soft and rather sugary flavour.

The Reed Diffuser Chic & Love Air Freshener by Cristalinas

The reed diffuser Chic & Love Air Freshener by Cristalinas is a unique collection which offers a variety of distinct sensations thanks to its bespoke aromas. This vanilla scent is accompanied by a unique design that intends to transform and revolutionise your environment.

The 30ml Reed Diffuser wooden cube

This reed diffuser air freshener brings a flavour of natural elegance into your home thanks to its unique design. Be sure not to miss out on this attractive vanilla aroma with sweet touches of fruit alongside an attractive wooden design.

Reed Diffuser Feel Good 40ml fragrances

This range of reed diffuser Feel Good air fresheners is one of the most entertaining within the Cristalinas collection; boasting a colourful and cheery design. This vanilla aroma perfectly captivates the entire spirit of our Feel Good Fragrances collection.

The 90ml Crème de Vanille air freshener

This vanilla-scented air freshener is ideal for regular use in larger rooms. Thanks to the size of this air freshener, you will be able to enjoy an aromatic fragrance that is capable of lasting for up to 12 weeks.

In addition to our other aromas, this vanilla scent has become one of our most popular options thanks to its unique bouquet and ambience.

You can enjoy this vanilla scent through our line of scented candles within the Feel Good Fragrances and the Classic Gelato collection.

Cristalinas also offers this aroma in the form of a hand cream.

In addition to providing any room with a pleasant aroma, this spray is also able to eliminate bad odours from any room.

Let's also not fail to mention that these packs can be combined by anyone who is truly passionate about the vanilla aroma. Our Home Sweet Home and Smiley Friend Pack offer such scented combinations.

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