Lily of the Valley and Green Leaves

WITH 0% ALCOHOLlily of the valley and green leaves, a perfume with charisma and distinction

Lily of the valley and green leaves

This Cristalinas lily of the valley air freshener boasts a delicate and yet contemporary fragrance with a fruity flavour. An aroma that will impact even the most indifferent of individuals.

Enjoy the wonderful aromas that this lily of the valley and green leaves fragrance emits. This floral and citric flavour is enhanced with a slightly marine character alongside fruity elements. Experience a naturally sweet floral scent in your home.

Reed Diffuser Colour Therapy

Our Cristalinas collection combines colours and aromas that will produce a calming effect throughout your home. This lily of the valley and green leaves air freshener will contribute a sense of peace and tranquillity to any room of your home. This air freshener is ideally suited for relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation.

Cristalinas Air Fresheners

We love to see customers enjoy these Crystal Air Fresheners and the accompanying sensations that they provide. For this reason, all of our products have been manufactured in Spain to the highest of quality standards. Also, they offer a 0% alcohol formula and natural essential oils; ideal for an intense and long-lasting aroma.

Join our team and reduce the impact upon the environment by reusing and recycling our line of air fresheners and scented candles. Run wild with your imagination and decorate this container as you prefer.

To provide your home with even more personality, remember that you can combine different scents in accordance with the aroma that you hope to achieve. For instance, you can place a jasmine-scented Mikado air freshener within a bathroom to enjoy an extra sensation of freshness. On the other hand, large rooms can be accommodated with the 180ml Mikado air freshener. This unit is specifically designed to be used within more open environments. Remember that we provide a wide variety of aromas in different formats to accommodate for discrete personal tastes.

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