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ODOUR ELIMINATOROur room spray air fresheners eliminate bad smells

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The room spray air fresheners are capable of absorbing all traces of foul odours

Cristalinas air fresheners eliminate bad smells while providing a pleasant fragrance. Cristalinas air fresheners offer the perfect solution to quickly provide your home with a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. Furthermore, you will no longer need to purchase refills on a regular basis. We offer numerous designs including the total effects spray. With four scents including baby cologne, fluffy towels, night blooming jasmine and fruits of the forest.

Thanks to these unique aromas, you can enjoy a fast and effective means to eliminate odours throughout the home. This is due in no small part to their super-concentrated fragrances. Other products within our line of spray air fresheners have been designed to absorb extremely concentrated odours.

These water-free formulas help to ensure that surfaces will not become damp; making them the ideal solution if you desire a dry air freshener. Thanks to this design, we are helping to protect the environment and the ozone layer. An excellent way to imbue any space with natural and long-lasting aromas. A recent innovation now provides you with the ability to absorb foul aromas with the help of a vanilla scent. Baby cologne, fresh scents and forest flavours are other options. These new spray air fresheners are ideally suited for a host of uses and locations.

This kit can be used to address foul smells within bathrooms, kitchens or vehicles. However, it is also designed for fabrics. It will not leave any stains and it can absorb bad odours associated with numerous materials. We also provide replacement parts for all of our automatic air fresheners. Thanks to aromas including fig, forest fruits, apple and baby scent, these aromas contain 0% alcohol and they are ideal if you have been looking for a long-lasting scent. Trap foul odours and purify any environment with our automatic air freshener refills.

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