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Pet air fresheners

If you are worried about bad smells in your home, at Cristalinas we have developed a formula capable of eliminating bad smells from your home. And if you also have a pet member in your home, you should know that we have already added pet air fresheners to our range of air fresheners. These, like the rest of the Cristalinas products, are made with a 0% alcohol formula which allows an intense, long-lasting and pleasant diffusion when breathing. We consider animal welfare to be very important, so these are pet friendly air fresheners.

Sometimes we get used to the smell that is in our home and we are not aware of it until we receive guests at home. So if you have a four-legged friend that gives off a strong smell, we have created for you the air fresheners to eliminate dog smell. You can choose the scent you like the most with the dog air fresheners, getting perfuming, eliminating the smell of your dog and decorating your home with the same product. Discover the entire collection of pet friendly reed diffusers!

We have selected for you different formats of air fresheners for dogs so that you can decorate every room. You can find different sizes such as the 30ml bottle with a duration of more than 4 weeks and the 90ml bottle with a duration of more than 12 weeks. Enjoy your home and your pet with our pet odour absorbing. Thanks to the formula used, this type of air freshener is consumed from the first day to the last in the same way and with the same intensity.

At Cristalinas we are focused on caring for the environment and we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. Our boxes are FSC certified, which guarantees that the material comes from sustainable forests. Our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

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