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Reed Diffuser 40ml

Cherry Blossom Dream Scent

You will not be able to resist the allure of these cherry blossom dream air fresheners. Travel from the comfort of your home to the most iconic Japanese cities to experience this aroma first-hand.

Experience the arrival of spring. The blossoming of plants and trees are some of the most beautiful sights to experience. However, nothing can be compared to the birth of cherry blossoms. For this reason, Cristalinas wants you to be able to transport yourself to an idyllic atmosphere with the help of our cherry blossom dream air fresheners.

To instantly arrive at your special place, you can choose from a wide array of products. Not only will these set the mood, but they will transform the ambience of any location. You decide!

Reed Diffuser air fresheners provide a journey for all of your senses.

Thanks to this classic range, there are several different sizes to choose from. Some models will last for up to 16 weeks.

The spherical reed diffuser air freshener provides a touch of elegance within any room.

It will offer a scented sense of beauty within even the smallest of home environments.

The natural wood reed diffuser air fresheners

Offers your home a combination of visual beauty and aromatic appeal at the same time.

Spring is at your fingertips thanks to our car air fresheners.

These personalised designs will accompany you during any journey.

Scented candles for romantic evenings.

Our Feel Good reusable candles are made with natural vegetable wax; allowing you to choose from fun and original designs!

These water-soluble essences provide your home with a bespoke floral scent.

As they can be directly dissolved in water, they can be placed atop dried flowers heaters or humidifiers. Discover our pack of 6 water-soluble essences!

Reed Diffuser´s refills

Reeds and essential oils refills will prolong a sensation of spring while protecting the environment.

We want to give you even more reasons to enjoy our new aromas throughout your home. All of our air fresheners are created from natural essential oils and this formula contains 0% alcohol. It therefore provides an intense and long-lasting aroma that will penetrate every area of your home. Not only will this scent transport you to immortal fields of cherry blossoms, but it will provide your home with an intense and long-lasting aroma that echoes sensations of joy.

Remember that you can collaborate with us and help to recycle our products once they are no longer of use. If you wish, you can also give them a second life by using them to decorate your plants or even as makeup organisers.

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