Ocean Scent. Create a fresh environment with our ocean scent air fresheners. There is no better way to enjoy the infinitely relaxing nature of the sea throughout every corner of your home. One of the most desired aromas provokes memories of the sea. We are provided with memories of happier times, of holidays and of living close to the water. Our ocean scent aims to satisfy these desires and to provide your home with a distinctive personality at any time. Thanks to a touch of citrus, this ocean aroma will offer your home a fresh sensation. Our Cristalinas formulation brings out fresh touches of verdant green alongside hints of rose and jasmine. These are then punctuated with flavours of musk, wood, and touches of amber in order to recreate the nature of the ocean. Premium Mikado 180ml spheres. These premium Mikado 180ml spherical air fresheners are ideal for providing your home with a constant aroma that can last for more than 16 weeks. During these 16 weeks you will be able to enjoy a fresh ocean aroma that transports us to a maritime atmosphere when life is enjoyed one day at a time. Additionally, this premium Mikado spherical air freshener is pleasing to the eye. This offers your home an additionally unique and delicate touch. Forget about typical air fresheners and their generic designs. At Cristalinas, we place an equal amount of importance upon scents and designs. This offers a pleasant home atmosphere while supplying a uniquely decorative touch.

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