Rose Petals

WITH 0% ALCOHOLTake care of your hands with rose petal scented hand cream

Rose Petals scent

Fill your hands with the aroma of roses and deeply hydrate them with the rose petals cream. With its highly nourishing formula, you'll feel your hands silky smooth right from the start.

The scent of rose petals brings us memories of the past, since it's present in the aromas that we all remember. It's a freshing and very pleasant scent. The floral notes awaken memories of happy spring and summer times. This scent is directly extracted from the heart of rose petals and the resulting oil is added to this intense and distinctive aroma.

Hand Serum

This floral scent with rose petals is perfect to add a pleasant aroma to the hand serum. Rose petal oil also gives hydrating and regenerating properties to Cristalinas hand serum. In addition to hydrating and nurturing, this hand cream will leave a scent that will make us feel like we're in a rose garden.

This pleasant rose petal scent can also be enjoyed with Cristalinas hand Serum pack, which contains all the hand cream scents available for your enjoyment.

Moreover, this hand serum with rose petals is available as part of the Amigos Lovely Pack, along with a 40ml Mikado berry air freshener and a berry scented Candle.

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