Sandalwood and Cedar

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Sandalwood and Cedar Scent

This cedar aroma has been designed to cater to the most sophisticated of tastes. These sandalwood and cedar air fresheners will provide your home with a unique sense of positive energy.

The aromas of cedar and sandalwood represent a combination of some of the most exotic scents. This formulation combines the unique fragrance of sandalwood with the exotic nature of cedar. Such a sophisticated aroma will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere regardless of where it is placed.

This melange of aromas provides a floral flavour of rose and hibiscus that is combined with scents of wood, almond and vanilla.

This formulation is suitable for any environment; one of the main reason why we offer a wide range of products boasting the scent of sandalwood and cedar.

125ml Colour Therapy

This collection of air fresheners by reed diffuser offes much more than a simple aroma. It provides a sophisticated edge thanks to the use of colours associated with each scent. This sandalwood and cedar air freshener offers a black-coloured vase that is intended to highlight its undeniably sophisticated nature.

The 20ml reed diffuser sphere and the premium 180ml reed diffuser sphere

These are some of the most elegant and sophisticated products within the Cristalinas range. Both in 20ml and 180ml variants, this sandalwood and cedar air freshener will impregnate every corner of a room with its unique aroma. You can also enjoy up to 4 weeks of this aroma with our 20ml model.

If you choose the 180ml sphere, get ready for up to 16 weeks of a stunning cedar fragrance throughout your home.

The reed diffuser classic range of 40ml air fresheners

You can now experience the unforgettable combination of cedar and sandalwood thanks to one of the most popular 40ml Cristalinas air fresheners. This reusable glass bottle enables you to fully appreciate the colour of our sandalwood and cedar essence. An aroma that is ideal for sophisticated homes which offers up to 8 weeks of fragrant bliss.

This combination of cedar and sandalwood can also be found alongside other Mikados products such as the Top Sales Pack. Each of these has been engineered to the highest of Cristalinas standards.

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