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Reed Diffuser 40ml - Blackberries

Blackberries Scent

The aroma that we all love! The toughest decision to make involves choosing between blackberries essential oils, a blackberries air freshener or a blackberries candle. Sweet and fruity!

Saturate your senses with these wild essences. They also help to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere. This blackberries air freshener offers wild and slightly sweet undertones.

The Reed Diffuser Classic range: ideal for your home and spaces shared by the family (such as living rooms)

This natural aroma offers a fruity scent that can last for up to 16 weeks.

This spherical air freshener is perfect for your bedroom!

Adorn your room with these spherical air fresheners. Allow blackberries scents to permeate every corner.

Car air fresheners: enjoy the best scents in your car

Let Cristalinas accompany you along every journey with our selection of car air fresheners which offer a wild and yet enticing aroma. Feel free to place them where they are the most appropriate!

Blackberries scented Candles

Discover the range of Cristalinas candles offering blackberries scents. These are all made from vegetable wax and natural essential oils.

Scented candle within a glass cylinder: for romantic evenings

If you are planning a romantic evening, these candles can represent excellent allies. Use them on special occasions or simply to imbue any evening with a wild and untamed aroma.

Water-soluble fragrances of blackberries will overwhelm your sense thanks to their wild nature!

Add these water-soluble crystalline essences to your aromatic diffuser. Thanks to their design, grease will not accumulate within the filter of your humidifier.

Refill reed diffuser essence + blackberry scented reeds

Purchase the reed diffuser blackberries scented refill. Never miss out on your favourite reed diffuser aromas; be sure to keep these refills close by.

Packs Cristalinas

If you love the scent of blackberries as much as we do, be sure to check out the different line of diffusers offered by reed diffuser. You can choose from standard air fresheners, those intended to be used within vehicles, natural wood variants and scented candles. Discover natural woodland scents within your home!

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