Our history

Cristalinas was formed in 2004, with the manufacture of locally sourced scented crystals, before moving quickly onto the development of a range of decorative reed diffusers.

This was the beginning of our journey to find harmony between decoration and home fragrance.

Today, Cristalinas is the leading supplier of Reed Diffusers and Car Fresheners in Spain. The company remains family owned, and all capital is based in Spain. We are dedicated to the development, manufacture, packaging, sales and marketing of home fragrance products.

All products are developed with 0% alcohol, sustainable raw materials and utilising audited national suppliers.

With its headquarters in Madrid, the team is made up of more than a hundred people. We currently have our own subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Mexico and distribute our products in more than 50 countries globally.

Our mission

Since Cristalinas started, we have always had the same goal: to be the fragrance of every home. We wanted to be part of each home with a product that fragrances, that decorates, but also that makes people feel good.

We wanted a high-quality product, and for this reason, we were the first to develop a 0% alcohol formulation, eradicating alcohol as a solvent and using natural solvents that are healthier for the body.By eliminating alcohol from the formula we get products with:

+ More durability
+ More intensity
+ A balanced and uniform evaporation of the perfume

The same delivery of perfume from the first day to the last

We wanted all those who had a Cristalinas diffuser to be able to live a unique experience.

How were we going to get it?

Through the aromas. An aroma has the power to transport you back in time: to your grandparents' house, to your honeymoon, to the last months of your pregnancy, to the park where you went with your siblings. The aromas are embedded within our memories.

We wanted to help you relive those special unforgettable moments, but also to achieve the relaxed atmosphere that you deserve. We wanted to make your home a quiet place.

Our philosophy.

Vida Cristalinas is a philosophy of life. To seek the best part of you and well-being in every way. To help you follow a healthy, energetic and stress-free lifestyle.

We wanted to go beyond being a brand. We wanted to accompany you. Being present in your living room, while you do sports, in the kitchen after cooking, when you meditate or do yoga in your room, when you have visitors and open your new Cristalinas diffuser that identifies your home so much.

We want to be there when you realize that being home with family is all you need.

Cristalinas Quality.

The quality of each of our products is fundamental and for this we invest heavily in testing the products and having quality controls in each of the processes.

ISO 9001 and 14001 audits ensure this, and guarantees we do not generate waste to the environment

We audit of all our suppliers to guarantee the same standards and maintained to our principles

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