Jasmine Aroma. Create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere throughout your home with the help of these Cristalinas air fresheners. Jasmine is comprised of more than 200 unique species and aromatic combinations. Do you have a jasmine plant or have you passed by one recently? If you answered yes, you appreciate that these flowers offer a characteristically pleasant aroma. If you have not yet had an opportunity to experience this wonderful plant, we encourage you to do so. Unfortunately, this scent is normally not found within the home; it is an outdoors plant. For this reason, Cristalinas has created an air freshene which offers a jasmine aroma that can be enjoyed throughout your home. This classic range of Mikado air fresheners will provide an enticing aroma while offering a decorative flavour wherever they are placed. You can now select the size of the air freshener depending upon the duration that you desire. Our formats are capable of providing bespoke scents for between 12 and more than 16 weeks. Mikado Natural Wood. If you are hoping to provide any room with a natural flavour, choose Mikado natural wood air fresheners to decorate your home with unique and unforgettable aromas. Give a touch of natural freshness to your home with this Mikado wood air freshener! Imbue your home with an attractive wooden appeal alongside a stunning jasmine aroma. You will be provided with a fresh and enticing aroma that lasts for more than 4 weeks. If your Mikado air freshener has run out, choose this wooden air freshener replacement. You can then enjoy the aromatic allure of jasmine for even longer. Mikado air fresheners absorb pet odours and other unpleasant smells. Place these units throughout your home in order to enjoy a fresh and pleasant ambience. These water-soluble jasmine scents offer numerous benefits. Perhaps most importantly, they will help you to relax. The water-soluble essences provided by Cristalinas will prevent the accumulation of grease within the internal filters of humidifiers thanks to their natural oils. This colour therapy air freshener is made from 0% alcohol and it will last for more than 12 weeks. You can enjoy a relaxing sensation with these jasmine scents. The Mikado air freshener refill: essential oil and air freshener sticks. Care for your environment and enjoy your favourite scents with these Mikado air fresheners. This package includes refill reeds as well as essential oils in order to ensure superior levels of diffusion.

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