WITH 0% ALCOHOLOrchid scent, perfect for clearing the mind

Orchid scent

Discover our orchid scent and fill your room with its subtle and sweet aroma, made with vegetable wax and with all the scent and personality of orchids.

The scent of orchids has a wide range of nuances. There are several types of orchids, each with their distinctive scent. The orchid scent developed by Cristalinas has a sweet and very subtle touch that will make you feel relaxed and that's perfect to clear your mind and enjoy complete relaxation.

But this orchid scent will also offer us notes that will remind us of many perfumes. The initial notes of this scent will remind us of the fruity aromas of red berries, raspberry and cherry. It has orange and rose notes with an intensely-perfumed musk background.

Classic Gelato Scented Candles 25h

Cristalinas scented candles offer that touch of warmth given off by the candle's flame and aroma. The scent of orchids combined with the candle's flame offer a touch of warmth but at the same time deliver the fresh and sweet aroma of orchids. Enjoy up to 25h of use with these scented candles.

These classic scented candles have new and more elegant design. Set the tone of your home, with a warm touch that will give your home a distinctive touch.

The new design of these scented candles also allows you to reuse the packaging for all kinds of purposes.

You can enjoy Cristalinas scented candles in different packs. The Gelato Candle Pack features a selection of each of the scents so you can enjoy each of the aromas for hours.

You can also find the Orchid Scented Candle, which is available in the Feel Good Pack along with the 20ml Lavender Mikado Sphere, the 180ml Classic Collection Lavender Mikado, the 30ml Wooden Container Lavender Mikado, and the Peony Garden hand cream.

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