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WITH 0% ALCOHOLThe fig tree air freshener will fill your home with life and elegance

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Fig Scents

This fig tree air freshener will adorn your home with vibrancy and elegance. If you rely on this fig air freshener, it will provide a fresh aroma that excites all of your senses.

Regardless of the different names for a fig tree, this fruit is sweet and refreshing; just like its aroma. This tree reaches the height of its splendour during the summer; producing sweet and tasty figs while delighting us with its fresh and timeless aroma.

Due to the fact that we love summer scents, we have created this line of fig-scented Mikado air fresheners. You can therefore enjoy such aromas wherever you are; whether at the home or at the office. This is also the reason why we have created fig tree air fresheners in different formats. You can therefore enjoy them wherever they happen to be placed.

The Mikado Premium Spherical Air Freshener

Created to decorate and transform your home, this premium Mikado sphere air freshener will improve the moods of both small and large rooms alike. Choose from different sizes in order to address the unique aspects of your home. Depending upon the format that you choose, the air freshener aroma can last for more than 4 weeks or in excess of 16 weeks. Its scents will remain just as intense throughout the entire lifespan.

Automatic fig tree refill

If you already have an automatic air freshener, this fig aroma refill represents a universal replacement that can be used in conjunction with your existing air freshener. This refill will last for over 60 days thanks to its continuous release formula.

Creative candle spare parts

Whether you are an inventive individual or you wish to involve your little ones - always with adult supervision - you can now create your own fig tree aromatic candle in order to provide your home with an unforgettable scent. This all-in-one kit contains a single glass, 5 differently scented aroma bags and a cotton wick with extra support.

Provide your home with unforgettable scents with our 0% alcohol formula of all-natural essential oils. This configuration provides a long-lasting scent that is easy on the respiratory system.

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