Reed Diffuser

Do you need us to answer questions about our Reed Diffuser Air Fresheners? Here you will find the answers!

What is a Reed Diffuser?

We call this way the air fresheners that are based on the use of rattan canes as an aroma diffuser element.

How do they work?

They work by capillarity so that the perfume slowly ascends through the canes, producing the dispersion of the aroma. The reeds must remain open and separated to allow the air flow to spread the aroma throughout the room.

What type of reeds are used?

They are rattan canes native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australia and differ from other palms such as bamboo in that they have very thin stems.

Why do we colour the reeds?

It represents a seal of quality. Thanks to the 0% alcohol in our formula, the reeds can be dyed and given the colour that we want. In this way we differentiate ourselves from the competition by making the product more attractive. The reeds are coloured in line with the colour of the perfume in which they are to be used. Products that contain alcohol cannot have coloured reeds because the alcohol would bleach the colouring.

Why are the reeds not discolored?

They do not fade due to the 0% alcohol formulation and the process of dyeing and drying the reeds with the latest technology. Our extraction machines simulate sunlight, and drying is more balanced without damaging the outside of the cane and ensuring that there are no moisture residues inside and thus guaranteeing the perfect operation of the cane.

Why do we use 0% alcohol?

The benefits of the 0% alcohol formulation are evident in the product's performance in terms of durability, intensity and aromatization of the rooms in which they are used.

The intensity of the perfume that we perceive in a 0% alcohol air freshener remains practically constant over time and the olfactory note of the perfume improves throughout its useful life.

In an alcohol air freshener the intensity decreases considerably after each week until reaching a point where it cannot be experienced. For this reason, when it loses its capacity for the room, it is necessary to turn the canes so that the product smells again when they are impregnated. With our 0% alcohol formulation, it is not necessary.

In addition, in products with alcohol, the olfactory note is modified. The top and heart notes of the perfume will disappear after they have been washed away by the alcohol. Only the heavy notes of the perfume will remain, not being possible to perceive them, since the intensity of the smell they give off is below the olfactory threshold that the human nose is capable of perceiving.

How to achieve greater diffusion of the aroma?

Very easy! Insert all our rattan canes carefully into the bottle containing the liquid, trying to keep the maximum distance between them. This is how a better aroma expansion is achieved.

Half an hour later, once the wood has absorbed the liquid, turn the reeds over. At the same time that the liquid is flowing towards the upper part of the wood, having been impregnated, the expansion of the aroma will begin. It is advisable to do this process every half hour during the first day.

How do we guarantee the duration of our air fresheners?

The duration of our air fresheners is measured in ideal laboratory conditions of 22ºC temperature and 40-45% humidity. We study the evaporation curve of each perfume adapting it to the conditions of duration and intensity that we require.

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