Car Freshener

Do you need us to answer questions about our Car Fresheners? Here you will find the answers!

How does the car freshener work?

It is based on the use of a wooden stopper as an aroma diffuser element. Once impregnated, the wood allows the aroma to circulate into the air flow through the vehicle.

What are the characteristics of the Cristalinas car freshener?

The car air freshener has been developed based on a 0% alcohol formula, and using higher quality perfumes. The percentage of perfume concentrated in the final essence exceeds 70% in all aromas.

Odour-absorbing car air freshener:

The car air freshener contains an odour-absorbing component in its formula. In this way, it works by eliminating the bad smells such as tobacco, food, pets, etc. We use the most advanced molecular technology and it is incorporated into the product in such a way that it attacks the groups that generate bad odours and eliminates by neutralizing them.

When there is a bad smell in the environment, this is due to the presence of substances such as smoke, mercaptans, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia or amines. The molecular technology used allows these substances to be eliminated from the environment by reacting with them, neutralizing them and ensuring what remains in the environment are only perfume molecules, that is, molecules with a "good smell".


We have specially designed the bottle and the cap, after more than 3 years of research. The result is a unique and decorative offering, with an anti-drip system. This design has been registered.

Anti-threading system:

To avoid the cap unscrewing due to driving vibrations, the neck of our bottle is designed and registered with the AOMI with anchor bars that act as an effective anti-threading system. When we screw the cap all the way through, the bars deform the wood thread preventing the cap from being unscrewed again. This forces us to manufacture unique and proprietary moulds to manufacture glass with this system.

Cord stiffness:

The rigidity of the cord has been processed by manufacturing a braid. The use of the single cord in such a way as to avoid excess rocking during driving and therefore reduces the involuntary leakage of the liquid. The cord remains insulated from the wood plug so it does not get wet.

How to Use the Car Air Freshener:

It is essential to unscrew the wooden plug to remove the inner plastic plug. Then the wooden plug must be screwed tightly to the end. It is not advisable to leave the wooden plug unscrewed until the end since the vibration from vehicle motion can make the plug unscrew as the anti-threading system cannot act.

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