Scented Candles

Do you need us to answer questions about our scented candles? Here you will find the answers!

Cristalinas scented candles are the perfect complement to create a pleasant atmosphere and a unique experience from the moment you light the candle.

What kind of wax do we use?

This is vegetable wax instead of paraffin wax.

Why use vegetable wax?

Vegetable wax is cleaner and therefore better to breathe, lasting up to twice as long since it is consumed slowly and burns at a lower temperature, maintaining the aroma until the end.

It also consumes the glass cleanly from beginning to end, thus avoiding any tunneling with remaining wax adhered to the glass.

Benefits of candles:

  • Natural essential oils.

  • Reusable. When it's over, you can give it a second life and use it as you like best.

  • 100% recyclable. You can recycle all components locally.

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