Enjoy the best hydroalcoholic solution for surface cleaning

Sanitisers o alcohol-based products have become a must-have item in our daily lives. Since 2020, this type of product has been a key element for each of us to ensure the correct hygiene of spaces and thus avoid contact with viruses and bacteria.

Cristalinas 70% alcohol cleaners do not require rinsing and can be used on any surface or object at any time thanks to their convenient spray format. They are quickly absorbed and leave no residue on drying. This type of solution allows its use without damaging surfaces and materials.

We have sanitisers in multiple formats for the disinfection of all types of surfaces. Hand sanitisers are available in small 100ml bottles, large 500ml size with dispenser, 1 litre refills for different sizes and refills for containers of up to 5 litres. And also available in wipe format!

Disinfectant wipes are also perfect for disinfecting any type of object or surface.

We have also produced packs of our multi-purpose cleaning spray for the office, for the home or for back to school with a price saving to keep all surfaces free of viruses and bacteria.

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