Now you can enjoy the best hand and surface sanitisers

Sanitisers o alcohol-based products have become a must-have item in our daily lives. Since 2020, hand sanitisers have become a key item to help us keep our hands clean and to avoid contact with virus and bacteria. This type of products are made of 70% cosmetic-grade alcohol that allows the products to be used without damaging the skin in our hands. Moreover, it's made with cosmetic-grade glycerin that also helps keep the skin hydrated and stop it from drying out.

Cristalinas hand sanitisers don't need to be rinsed off and can be used anytime and anywhere. It gets absorbed quickly, doesn't leave trace of residues when it dries, and leaves the hands perfectly hydrated without making the skin feel tight.

We carry sanitisers in different sizes to disinfect hands and all kinds of surfaces. Hand sanitisers are available in small 100ml bottles, large 500ml size with dispenser, 1-litre refills for different sizes and refills for containers of up to 5 litres. We also carry these sizes in spray for a more scattered effect to suit those who prefer this option. Sanitising wet wipes are also available in a size that suits hand hygiene and in anothe size suitable for the disinfection of all kinds of objects or surfaces.

We've also created several sanitising packs for home or office use of in preparation for the return to school with a reduced price to keep hands and all kinds of surfaces free of virus and bacteria. For those who are demanding with the texture of sanitisers, we carry product refills for both liquid sanitiser and sanitising gel, to suit those who favour these textures.

In any case, our hand sanitisers must be directly applied to the hands, rubbing the hands helps the product get easily absorbed and hands will be cleansed without any trace of residues.

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